La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña, Inc. (La Casa) is a nonprofit (501[c][3]) education and research organization incorporated in the State of New York in 1983 by pioneers with the vision to preserve and advance Puerto Rico’s national heritage in the diaspora, to preserve historical accounts in literature and art for our posterity, to educate, and to actively nurture Puerto Rican culture. 

La Casa continues this vital mission today with its programs, events, workshops, library + archives, publications, and media facility. Since its founding, La Casa has opened its offices and library doors to everyone in the beautiful historic district of El Barrio (Spanish Harlem) in New York City. At the same time, La Casa continues, as always, to reach out across the Americas, and beyond, to better understand what makes the Puerto Rican community so distinct, beautiful, and bold.

January 13th, 2023:

 Executive Director of La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña, Leticia Rodriguez, Among Honorees at Puerto Rican Bar Association 

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 Pa’lante, Sin Miedo, Somos Más 

Puerto Rico is a subject that goes way beyond that beautiful archipelago on the northeast edge of the Caribbean Sea (not in the middle of the ocean), which includes the Puerto Rico Main Island, Vieques, Culebra, Mona, and smaller islands. Puerto Rican cultural heritage is a story of colonized people that have survived, prevailed, and expanded throughout the world, despite great adversity through human and natural disasters. Although “Puerto Rican people constitute a Latin American and Caribbean nation that has its own and unequivocal national identity”, according to the United Nations on numerous occasions, Puerto Ricans on the islands continue to bare the weight of 124 years (and counting) of political and strategic ambiguity and economic calamity under colonial rule. And that has affected more than we know. The US interest in Puerto Rico has also created a wealth of prosperity for many. While this, too, can be an ambiguous topic, it is important to acknowledge the tangible and prospective value of the human, industrial, and economic force of not just The Shining Star of the Caribbean, but its global diaspora. (Continue reading)


 La Casa’s Cuatro Music Instruction Program