La Casa’s Puerto Rican Heritage Library is temporarily closed. An exciting and ambitious work plan has been developed and approved by the Board of Directors to not only reopen La Casa’s biblioteca, but to upgrade its core services as a useful and accesible source for research and study for the community, and to support La Casa’s continuing literary connections between creators and community, like our recent Morada de Miradas event, featuring the talented and brilliant poet, José Muratti. There are myriad ways to follow up these beautiful but fleeting events, and we intend to explore them all through our library soon.

Creating better access to our collections; to expand the wonderful ongoing work with the community in original arts and literary projects; and to create a new science research lab. These are the three main objectives for the library.

La Casa’s library and archives contain over 14,000 books, historical periodicals, paintings, artisan craftwork, dissertations, original music recordings, motion picture film, photographs, posters, and original research notes on social, political, and cultural events in Puerto Rico and throughout the global diaspora. Our collection includes a large number of those items that have never been digitized, or seen the light of the Internet.  

As we continue redeveloping the brick-and-mortar space in Spanish Harlem, we will update this page.